{Many thanks to Shane for writing the bulk of this post after I put together the photos and layout.  From time to time, writer’s block strikes and today was definitely one of those days!}

My, it has certainly been a busy few days around here!  Between last week’s all-nighter to watch all of the royal wedding coverage, yard work on Saturday, and Shane’s marathon yesterday, it’s been lots of go and little rest.  Fortunately, Shane took today off of work to rest up, so we’ve got a nice relaxing day ahead!  I decided that a treat was in order for breakfast, and immediately thought of this parfait that I saw recently on an episode of Mad Hungry


The parfait was easy to put together and was a great way to start the day.  I don’t usually get excited about granola or yogurt on their own, but when you add them together with some blueberries they’re more than meets the eye!  I made the granola using this recipe, substituting all raisins for the combo of raisins and cherries called for, and sliced almonds for the whole almonds and hazelnuts.  I sweetened the Greek yogurt with a few teaspoons of honey and for the fruit, used frozen blueberries cooked down just slightly.  I used the recipe as a guide but didn’t strictly adhere to the quantities in each layer as I think it’s a matter of personal preference.  This would be a nice dish for a Mother’s Day brunch if you happen to be hosting one this coming weekend!

The rest of this post is a photo heavy recap of the marathon Shane ran yesterday down in Providence.  My favorite thing about this particular race is that it’s super spectator friendly.  The course is set up in such a way that it’s easy to drive around and cheer/take pictures at numerous points.  I’m sure it’s nice for the runners to have the support and on a beautiful day like yesterday, Shane’s dad and I had fun taking it all in. 





And….they’re off!




Along the Course:






“Why are all these people chasing me?!?”


Home Stretch:

“Am I going to make it in time?”



Shane’s official finishing time was 3:58:44; about 3 minutes slower than his October marathon but almost a half-hour faster than his race on this same course last year.  He would have liked to set a new personal record, but was still satisfied with his finish!




After the race, Shane suggested lunch at Harry’s Bar and Burger, which was just a few blocks from the finish line. Shane had eaten there before with some coworkers but it was all new to me and Shane’s dad.  They have a great selection of burgers (all served as a pair of sliders), as well as an ample selection of craft beers (very important to the thirsty runner!).  The burgers were fantastic (Shane loves the pastrami burger – a cheeseburger with pastrami on top), and I especially loved the sweet potato fries.  I know we’ll definitely be going back there again!




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