Split-Level Pudding

This week’s TWD was chosen by Garrett of The Flavor of Vanilla: split-level pudding. It consists of vanilla pudding atop a layer of chocolate ganache. Since I’m not really a pudding person and Shane would be the only one eating this dessert, I made 1/3 of the recipe which yielded enough for 2 small ramekins. Dorie’s pudding recipe makes use of a food processor but since I was making such a small quantity, I just used a whisk and strained the pudding after it thickened on the stove to ensure it was really smooth and that worked well.

I sprinkled some cocoa powder on top to try and make it more attractive, but this pudding just didn’t want to photograph well. I wish I’d used glass containers so the two levels would have been visible. As for the taste? The vanilla pudding was yummy, but we didn’t like it combined with the ganache. My ganache was quite solid after a few hours in the fridge and the texture just didn’t seem to work well with the pudding. So, I’ll definitely keep this pudding recipe in mind for the future, but I’ll skip the ganache.
Thanks to Garrett for hosting this week! You can find the recipe on his blog and check out how everyone else fared by visiting the TWD site.
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