TWD Banana Bundt Cake

This week’s TWD was chosen by the fabulous Mary of The Food Librarian: banana bundt cake! To be honest, I’m not sure I’d ever noticed this recipe on my many flips through Dorie’s book. I wasn’t surprised at all that Mary chose it though because she’s sort of known for her love of bundt cakes 🙂 I definitely recommend you visit her site and check out all the gorgeous photos and the many bundt cakes she’s tried!

I rarely buy bananas so I didn’t have any hanging around to make this cake. Lucky for me, my neighbor buys tons of bananas for her toddler and always offers them to me when they become overripe (in exchange, I generally share whatever I make with them with her family). The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when she gave me 2 very ripe bananas late last week! I decided to halve the recipe and use my mini bundt pan.
TWD Banana Bundt Cake
The recipe for the cake is both easy and familiar – cream the butter and sugar, add egg/vanilla, and alternate dry ingredients with wet. The “wet” ingredient in the recipe is sour cream, which I really love using in baking. As I distributed the batter among the wells of the pan, I made a real effort not to overfill them because I knew exactly what would happen if I did! A few minutes into baking I turned on the oven light and saw this:
TWD Banana Bundt
Panic ensued, but I’m happy to report that’s about as bad as things got. All six mini bundts were successfully baked (in about 22 minutes) and removed from the pan. I decided to just dust them with some confectioner’s sugar instead of doing a glaze. This is a terrific cake! It’s incredibly moist and soft. That said, I think I might have enjoyed the batter just as much (if not more!) than the cake. After filling my mini bundt pan I had some batter left over and while I could probably have made a mini loaf with it, I found myself eating a ton of it straight from the bowl! Yum!
Many thanks to Mary for hosting this week! She’ll post the recipe on her site if you want to give it a shot and, as always, head over to TWD to see how the others bakers fared.
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