This week’s SMS was chosen by Eliana of A Chica Bakes: lemon blueberry cheesecake with cornmeal crumble crust! A few weeks ago I was shopping, found a great deal on cream cheese and picked up far too many packages so this cheesecake comes at just the right time!
The last time I made a cheesecake I opened the oven to find a huge crack across the top so my main goal was to avoid that problem this time. I did some research and found that cracks usually form when the cheesecake is overbaked. Instead of trying to visually judge whether the cheesecake was done (which I find difficult), I used a thermometer to check its internal temperature. I baked mine to 160 F and successfully avoided any cracks!
Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t have any issues. This recipe calls for baking the cheesecake in a water bath and I think some of the water seeped through the foil covering my pan. The crust looked a bit soggy when I removed the springform pan. I was pretty worried about how it would affect the flavor. Fortunately, aside from appearance, I don’t think it had a negative impact – the cheesecake was terrific! The cornmeal crust had great texture and provided contrast to the smooth, creamy filling. The blueberry sauce was my favorite part – sweet and juicy and the perfect finishing touch for the cheesecake!
Thanks to Eliana for a great pick! She will post the recipe on her site if you’d like to give it a shot. You can also check out the other cheesecakes by visiting the SMS site.
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