This week’s TWD was chosen by Kelly of Baking with the Boys: fresh mango bread! I can’t lie – I was pretty psyched about this selection. As best I can recall, I’ve never had mango before and I was really looking forward to trying it. I found some fresh mangoes on sale when I was doing my shopping for our Mother’s Day brunch so I picked two up. Then I decided to make the mango bread in my mini loaf pans and give each of the moms a loaf as part of their Mother’s Day gift!

When I set out to make the bread I realized I had no idea how to cut the mangoes! Fortunately, among other things, the internet is a wealth of resources on the best way to cut a mango. Here’s a link to one site I found useful if anyone is looking for information. Thankfully, cutting the mango was the most labor intensive part of this recipe! Dorie must have access to huge mangoes because I needed two mangoes to get the required 2 cups of diced mango. Once I finished that, it was simply a matter of mixing the wet, then the dry, combining the two and then finally adding the mango, raisins and zest (I used lemon).

I divided the batter among my 4 mini loaf pans and stuck them in the oven. They baked up in a bit of an odd shape but I really didn’t care as I was able to get them out of the pans without issue, which is always my biggest concern with the mini loaves. I dug into one of the loaves almost immediately and I thought the bread was fantastic!! This is definitely one of my favorite recipes from Dorie so far. I had tried a bite of the mango when I diced it, and really liked it, and found that I also enjoyed it in the bread. I thought the cinnamon was also a fairly prominent flavor in the bread. I received favorable reviews of the bread from the moms too so this one was a hit all around! I’ve pretty excited I’ve still got one more mini loaf in the freezer just waiting to be eaten!

Thanks to Kelly for choosing a great recipe this week! If you haven’t grabbed Dorie’s book yet, Kelly will have the recipe on her blog. Head over to TWD to see how the rest of the bakers made out this week!

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