This week’s TWD was chosen by Babette of Babette Feasts: tartest lemon tart! I’ve really discovered a love of all things lemon in the past few months so I was definitely looking forward to this recipe.

The coolest and also the scariest thing about this week’s recipe is that it uses entire lemons. Not just the juice and the zest, but the whole thing! I’ve never made a recipe where I use an entire lemon so I was intrigued though definitely a bit worried about the tartness factor, particularly given the descriptive name Dorie gives the tart. The recipe recommends using a blender to make the batter and I was only too happy to oblige because my blender is one of my rarely used kitchen appliances. It was really neat to watch the blender break down the lemon pieces until I had a smooth mixture. I tried the mixture before pouring it into the crust and didn’t think it was all that bitter so things were looking good.

Speaking of the crust, after reading through this week’s tips, I decided not to make Dorie’s sweet tart dough and instead tried this recipe for Pasta Frolla dough which is made by hand! No offense to Dorie as I think her sweet tart dough is wonderful, but I just didn’t want to have to wash the food processor AND the blender. The Pasta Frolla crust was everything I could have asked for: simple, well-behaved and delicious. I’ll absolutely use it again in the future. I had to make my “tart” in a springform pan as I haven’t recovered the base of my 9″ tart pan from the recipient of my chocolate cream tart.

My tart baked for about 50 minutes total. I got a bit impatient when it was cooling because I really wanted to take a few pictures before the sun disappeared completely. When I tried to cut a slice to photograph, the filling oozed a bit and the slice fell apart so that’s why you won’t see a photo of a tart slice 🙂 I have to be honest – I found the tart to be incredibly bitter, way too bitter to enjoy the lemon flavor and the yummy crust. I was surprised because as I said, I did like the filling before it baked. Maybe if I’d made some sweet whipped cream for the top of the tart that would have helped cut through some of the tartness. Next time I make this tart I’ll definitely remove some (or all?) of the pith from the lemons and see what happens.

Many thanks to Babette for a really unique selection this week! If you haven’t picked up Dorie’s book yet, you can find the recipe on Babette’s blog. Also, stop by TWD to see if the other bakers enjoyed the tart more than I did.

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