This week’s TWD was chosen by Kim of Scrumptious Photography: chocolate cream tart! The photos on her site are really amazing and definitely worth checking out! I’m a bit late getting this week’s recipe posted so this is going to be a short one.

Though Dorie’s recipe called for a chocolate tart shell I just knew the combination of chocolate custard and a chocolate tart shell would be chocolate overload for me. I made Dorie’s sweet tart dough recipe and it turned out perfectly! I briefly contemplated making the chocolate coconut cream option Dorie suggests in “playing around” but decided against it since I was already pulling things together at the last minute (that said, I’m putting it on my list of things to try in the future). My custard came together easily – have I mentioned that I love Dorie’s custard recipes? Every other custard recipe I’ve tried has been a fail but Dorie’s always seem to work! If I’d had more time I might have added a peanut butter layer in the tart somewhere but in lieu of that, I added some peanut butter chips on top of the whipped cream.

It was REALLY hot here today so you might notice my chocolate custard was getting runny as I was taking photos of the tart and the peanut butter chips were melting. I cut a piece for myself and gave it a try. I can definitely see how this could be a truly amazing dessert. I really don’t like bittersweet chocolate so the chocolate custard wasn’t sweet enough for me but if I made this again with milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate I’d be in heaven! This is one Dorie recipe I know I will definitely revisit!

Many thanks for Kim for a great pick this week! The recipe for Dorie’s chocolate cream tart can be found on Kim’s site or in Dorie’s wonderful book if you want to check it out! Be sure to head over to TWD to see all of this week’s tarts.

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