This week’s TWD was chosen by Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater: devil’s food white out cake! This is the cake on the cover of Dorie’s book and it looks both gorgeous and delicious! I know many of us wanted to make it the minute we got the book. I did, in fact, make this cake before I joined TWD and was pretty successful. It’s such a delicious cake that I had no qualms about making it again. That said, I put it off until the absolute last minute and almost didn’t finish. Hence this post barely making it under the wire, the lack of photos and the awful lighting…

There are many things to love about this cake but here are a few of my favorites:

1. It’s chocolate.
2. The chocolate chips added to the batter at the last minute. I LOVE the texture they add to the cake. Surprisingly, I didn’t think it was chocolate overkill, which does sometimes happen to me (for example, with chocolate chocolate chip cookies).
3. The frosting. So much to love about this frosting. First, it’s so light and fluffy. It pairs wonderfully with the chocolate cake. Second, it’s so much easier to justify eating over a buttercream (or some other frosting with 3 sticks of butter). Finally, I didn’t have to worry about frosting the cake perfectly because it was going to be covered with crumbs from the cake anyway! A big part of the stress of a layer cake for me is trying to frost the cake in such a way that it doesn’t look completely awful.

Many thanks to Stephanie for choosing this cake. Check out the recipe on her blog and, as always, head over to TWD if you’d like to see how the other cakes turned out!

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