This week’s TWD was chosen by Anne of Anne Strawberry: tall and creamy cheesecake! I’ve only made cheesecake one other time so I was really looking forward to making it again. Also, we’re heading to a party for New Year’s Eve so I figured I could bring the cheesecake, getting it out of my house so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it all!

Dorie includes a number of fun variations on the traditional, plain cheesecake in her book and I had my eye on the one marbled with chocolate. However, when I started baking the cheesecake, I completely forgot about melting the chocolate until the cake was about to go in the oven so at that point I decided to stick with the plain version. That is, until I saw what happened to my poor cheesecake in the oven. It developed a huge crack!

As you can see, it really wasn’t terribly appealing visually. And I know it probably would have tasted the same with or without the crack, but I wanted it to look pretty too! So, I decided what my cheesecake really needed was a chocolate ganache layer on top. It proved to be the perfect cover for my less than perfect cheesecake 🙂 Now the crack will be our little secret.

Aside from the giant crack, I didn’t have any problems with this cheesecake. I’d never baked anything in a water bath so it was fun to try that for the first time with this recipe. I’m not planning to try any of the cheesecake until the party so I’ll have to post a taste update on Thursday. Based on what the other TWD bakers have had to say, I predict it’ll be delicious!

Thanks to Anne for her selection this week. It was fun! The recipe can be found on her blog. Be sure to check out the other TWD posts this week as there are so many different types of cheesecake that have been made.

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