This week’s TWD was chosen by Dennis from Living the Life: linzer sables! This week’s TWD really snuck up on me since I didn’t make last week’s TWD until Thursday. I’m just now finishing up the baking and trying to get them up on the blog while it’s still Tuesday. So, let’s get to it.

The linzer sables are buttery, spiced cookies made with ground nuts. I chose almonds since they were the only nuts I had on hand. I really wish I had taken the time to ground my nuts more finely as I definitely ended up with little chunks of almonds in my cookies. I was wary of the nuts forming a paste but next time I’ll know to grind them a bit more. Otherwise, these were really simple cookies to make. Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of rolling out cookie dough because it is sometimes difficult to work with, sticking to my countertops and frustrating me. This dough, though, gave me no problems. I was able to cut all of my cookies out before the dough got too warm. I used a star cookie cutter and, as Dorie suggests, the end of a piping tip to create my cookie sandiches. I filled them with strawberry preserves.

I thought these cookies were decent. I am sure I would have liked them more had they not had almond chunks in them. The flavor was just a bit too nutty for me. I did enjoy the hint of spice and would perhaps even add a tad more next time. I will definitely make them again, perhaps trying the chocolate filling Dorie suggests because everything is better with chocolate!

Thanks to Dennis for his selection this week. The recipe for the sables can be found on his blog. Be sure to head over to TWD to see how the other cookies turned out this week!

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