This week’s TWD was chosen by Heather of Randomosity and the Girl: buttery jam cookies! I was thankful for this pick as I’ve recently been trying out all kinds of cookie recipes in the quest for the best ones to make as gifts this holiday season. This is a recipe I likely would not have made had it not been for TWD so I was glad to try it out. I was also grateful for the simplicity of the recipe. I’ve been baking so much lately that I’m not sure I would have been up for something complicated or time consuming.

Dorie says the recipe for the buttery jam cookies yields 45 cookies. I decided to make a half batch since I already have so many sweets sitting around. I must have made my cookies a bit too large as the half recipe only yielded 17 cookies. Dorie suggests apricot jam for the cookies but I only had strawberry preserves on hand so that’s what I used.

I had read some of the comments from other TWD bakers about these cookies before I made mine. A few had mentioned that the cookies didn’t spread much so if you didn’t flatten them before they went in the oven you’d have little mound shaped cookies. That comment totally slipped my mind so I wound up with mound cookies. I did, however, remember that many of the TWD bakers didn’t love these cookies so I had low expectations. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! I loved them! The jam is definitely subtle and I couldn’t really taste the ginger in them at all. They were essentially little cakey biscuits, with just enough sweetness to make me happy.

Many thanks to Heather for choosing these delicious cookies! The recipe can be found on her blog. Head over to TWD to see how the other bakers fared with these cookies.

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