This week’s TWD was chosen by Rachel of Confessions of a Tangerine Tart: chocolate malted whopper drops. They’re chocolate cookies filled with chocolate chunks and chocolate covered malted milk balls. This turned out to be a really surprising TWD week for me. I am NOT a fan of chocolate cookies generally speaking. I like chocolate chip cookies and the like, but I usually find anything chocolate based too rich. So, needless to say, I kept my expectations low for these cookies.

When they came out of the oven and had cooled a bit, I brought Shane one to see what he thought. He loves anything chocolate so I thought he’d be a big fan but he was just lukewarm about these. As a result, my expectations were even lower but when I tried one, I was in love! My gosh, these are so delicious!!

I subbed peanut butter whoppers instead of chocolate so my cookies had a hint of peanut butter mixed in with the chocolate. I also subbed milk chocolate chips for bittersweet chocolate chunks and I’m sure that played a part in my enjoyment. These are definitely going to be a go-to cookie in my house and I can’t wait to make them again!

Thanks Rachel for choosing this recipe and helping me find a new cookie I love! Check out Rachel’s blog for the recipe and as always, head over to TWD to see all of the other cookies that were baked this week!

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