This week’s TWD almost didn’t happen. It’s been a rough few days for me and I haven’t felt terribly motivated to update the blog. I’ve actually got a backlog of tasty treats I’ve made that need to be posted but those will have to wait for another, better, day. So, it’ll be a short entry this week but hopefully I’ll be back to blogging as usual in a few days.

Michelle of Bad Girl Baking chose this week’s TWD recipe: granola grabbers! It’s been a while since TWD made cookies so I was pleased with this week’s selection. That said, when I looked down the ingredient list I became a little skeptical. I don’t care for peanuts and I didn’t have any wheat germ and honestly, these cookies just seemed a little too healthy πŸ™‚ I soldiered on though because Dorie rarely disappoints.

I made a half batch because there aren’t enough people in my house to eat 40 cookies. The wheat germ was replaced by whole wheat flour and I left out the peanuts and doubled the almonds instead. After reading some of the other TWD posts I wished I’d added some chocolate chips too but maybe next time!

The cookies were quick and easy to make and surprisingly, really delicious! I enjoyed them a lot more than I expected to and will definitely make them again.

Head over to Michelle’s blog for the recipe and if you’re curious, check out the other bakers at TWD as there was a lot of variety in the cookies this week!

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