This week’s TWD was chosen by Amy of South in Your Mouth and was the double crusted blueberry pie! I absolutely love blueberry pie so I was really excited about this selection. Also, I’d made a blueberry pie not too long ago and hadn’t had the best result so I was eager to improve this time.

Unfortunately, it just wasn’t to be. The good news was that this pie was very delicious so it definitely won’t go to waste. However, the pie was not without issues. The biggest problem became apparent when I cut my first piece of pie this afternoon. The filling was not set and was incredibly runny and watery. There’s literally a puddle of blue juice where the first piece of pie was removed. (Hence the reason you don’t see any pictures once the pie was cut into…) I was very frustrated when I saw that result as I followed the recipe exactly and even baked the pie a little longer than the recipe called for because I used frozen berries. If anyone has ideas about where I’m going wrong, I’m all ears! Last time I made blueberry pie I wasn’t patient enough and cut into the pie too soon but this pie had been out of the oven for 18+ hours by the time I cut into it so I know that wasn’t the problem.

The recipe for this pie can be found over at Amy’s website. Be sure to check out how everyone else fared with this pie over on TWD. I checked out many of the results today and saw some gorgeous pies!

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