These last few weeks have been really tough for blogging. As alluded to before, I was sick for almost 2 weeks (my immune system really let me down!) and didn’t really bake at all during that time. Now I am finally better but the temperatures around here have been over 90 and frankly, the last thing I want to do is run the oven in those temperatures! Plus, this weekend Shane and I spent 2 days in Boston watching the Visa Championships for women’s gymnastics! It was amazing – we had such a good time! Well, I guess I had a better time than Shane as it’s really my thing, but I think he enjoyed it too. We saw some great gymnastics and got to spend some good quality time together. We took Thursday and Friday off to attend, and it reinforced my opinion that every weekend should be at least 3 days long!

I hope the temperatures come down soon so I can get back to cooking/baking…I’ve got a huge backlog of recipes I want to try!

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