Banana-Oat Smoothie

If you follow along on Facebook, you might have seen me mention that I was working on a meal planning post for you guys. I had really hoped to have it up today, but it’s just not quite ready yet. If I’m going to share it I want it to be an useful as possible for you, so I’m going to put it on hold until next week – that should give me the time I need to put the finishing touches on it. This one is so long overdue it’s almost embarrassing, but hopefully you guys will find it worth the wait!

Banana-Oat Smoothie

The time I’d planned to spend on wrapping that post up yesterday was instead spent at the mall shopping for clothes and shoes for our trip to Florida this weekend. If that sounds like fun, let me assure you it wasn’t πŸ™‚ I really don’t enjoy shopping at all which is probably part of the reason I waited until the very last minute to do it. But, the shopping gods were on my side for once and I actually left with some cute new things. It’s been chilly here this week (30-degree mornings in May – what?!) so it’s going to be fun to actually get to wear summery clothes in Florida!

Banana-Oat Smoothie

Remember when I told you about the glut of bananas around here lately? Well I finally got sick of trying to find ways to bake with them. So instead I made a few smoothies, and this banana-oat version is my favorite of the bunch. I’ve never made a smoothie with oats before and they did add a little bit of texture, but in a good way – I enjoyed it! The smoothie has a ton of protein so it keeps me full until lunch, which is among my most important considerations when it comes to any breakfast option. Plus, it’s super thick and creamy, so I can almost pretend I’m having a milkshake for breakfast. Almost πŸ™‚

That reminds me, we had the best peanut butter and jelly milkshakes when we were at Disney in December – definitely adding one of those to my must-have list for this weekend!

Banana-Oat Smoothie
adapted from Martha Stewart

1/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
1/2 cup nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt
1 banana, cut into thirds
1/2 cup skim milk
1-2 teaspoons honey
pinch ground cinnamon

In a blender, combine the oats, yogurt, banana, milk, 1 teaspoon of the honey, and the cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Taste and decide whether you’d like more sweetness – if so, add some or all of the remaining teaspoon of honey and blend again. Serve immediately.

Serves 1-2

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