Golden Brioche Loaves

When I’m deciding whether to make a recipe, it’s not uncommon for me to do a Google search to see how other bloggers have fared. I like reading their reviews, and if it’s something I’ve never made before, I really enjoy seeing their photos to get a sense of how the finished product might look. Sometimes I’ll search for a blogger’s photo even if the author has included one in the book since it tends to be more representative of the result I can expect in my kitchen.

As I was making this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe – golden brioche loaves, selected by my buddy Margaret of Tea and Scones – I began to sense it might not be going all that well.  The first sign of trouble – the dough wasn’t behaving as Dorie described (did anyone else find their dough never pulled away from the sides of the bowl?).  I forged on before I burned out the motor on my mixer, and the dough did rise, so I had renewed hope.  After a stint in the fridge, I shaped half of the dough into a loaf and it rose again.  Things were looking up!  In the oven, though, my loaf became misshapen and sort of sunk in the center.  Before taking it out, I checked the internal temperature with an instant read thermometer to verify it was baked through, and it was.  Once removed from the loaf pan, I confirmed my loaf looked nothing like the beautiful photo Dorie shared in the book.  Off to Google I went to find blogger photos.

Golden Brioche Loaves

What I didn’t expect to see in the results was a post I’d written about Dorie’s brioche loaves over 3 years ago.  Not only did I have no memory of making them, but somehow I was able to produce a better looking loaf of brioche back in my novice days than I can currently.  Call it beginner’s luck, I guess! 🙂  In any event, though my loaf wasn’t pretty this time, it was still delicious.  Rich and buttery, but so light in texture.  What I’m most excited about is the other half of the dough in my freezer, which I’ll turn into another batch of ooey, gooey sticky buns sometime soon…      

Many thanks to Margaret for hosting this week.  She shared the recipe for the brioche loaves on her blog today, or you can find it on pages 48-50 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

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