This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie was chosen by Lauryn of Bella Baker: citrus currant sunshine muffins.  I love that the recipe has the word sunshine in the title – it just makes the muffins sound bright and happy, which is I guess a glance into the way I feel about sun in general.  I’m definitely one of those people who starts to feel depressed in the winter when the days are really short so I was pretty psyched to spring ahead last weekend.  Not only do we get more sun, but it means spring is on the way! 


A few changes were in order this week.  First, I decided to make minis because it’d been ages since I last broke out my mini muffin pan.  Plus I had colorful mini muffin liners, which seemed to fit the tone of this recipe.  Not only were the minis cute but they baked in under 10 minutes (about 8-9 here).  I halved the recipe and wound up with 24 minis.  I also substituted dried cranberries for the currants.  I’ve never tried currants and though I think I’d like them, I didn’t want to buy a whole bunch just for one recipe.   


These muffins were bright and fresh, not too sweet and quite citrus-y.  The orange was the dominant flavor for me, though I could also detect the lemon, and I always think the combination of cranberries and citrus is nice.  Many thanks to Lauryn for hosting this week!  You can find the recipe for the muffins on her blog or on page 7 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

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