TWD Cran-Apple Crisp

As I mentioned last week, during the month of November we were given flexibility to make the chosen recipes for TWD out of order due to the busy nature of this time of year. This week I decided to make the easiest of the November recipe for TWD – the cran-apple crisps, which were chosen by Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef.

Prepping the crisps takes no time at all. The topping is whirled in a food processor and can be made a few days ahead of time and chilled until the crisps are assembled. I quartered the recipe so I was able to make the topping in my mini prep. (I try to use the mini prep whenever possible instead of my full size food processor because it takes up far less space in the dishwasher!) The filling for the crisps is apples, fresh cranberries and either raisins or dried cranberries (I used raisins). The fruit filling is tossed with sugar and flour and split between several ramekins before the topping is added and the crisps are popped in the oven. A quarter recipe yielded two 7-oz ramekins and a 5-oz ramekin for me. I prepped the crisps and threw them in the freezer to be baked off for an occasional weeknight dessert treat.

TWD Cran Apple Crisp

I baked one of my ramekins to taste and photograph for this post. I’m a huge fan of crisps and I don’t think I’ve met a crisp I didn’t like. That said, this was not my favorite crisp recipe. While I generally enjoy fresh cranberries, I thought they made the filling too tart in this crisp. When I bake the remaining crisps I’ll probably add some sweetened whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top before serving.

TWD Cran Apple Crisp

Thanks to Em for hosting the cran-apple crisps! Em posted the recipe for the crisps on her site or you can find it in Dorie’s book. If you’d like to check out some of the other TWD recipes for the month of November, visit our blogroll.

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