SMS Orange Scented Scones

This week’s SMS was chosen by Robin of Lady Craddock’s Bakery: orange scented scones! I don’t make scones too often so it was a nice change of pace to try these this week. I really wanted to incorporate blueberries into the scones but I only had frozen. My head was telling me not to do it because I knew the berries would probably bleed (no matter how many tricks I tried to avoid it) and I’d wind up with blue scones. My stomach didn’t listen to my head and, well, my blue scones are now on display for you all to see 🙂

SMS Orange Scented Scones

Despite their appearance, the scones were pretty tasty. I really enjoyed the texture – they had a nice, light crumb. I used the zest of an entire orange so the orange flavor was plenty prominent and worked well with the blueberries. My main complaint was that the scones weren’t sweet enough. I will definitely add more sugar when I make these again.

Many thanks to Robin for her selection this week! You can find the recipe here; be sure to stop by the SMS site to see how the other bakers fared this week.


Since I feel guilty about my blue scone photos, I’m going to share some additional pics. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day here and I dragged Shane to an orchard for some apple picking – a quintessential fall activity here in New England.


The smallest bag they sold at the orchard held about 10-12 pounds of apples so expect LOTS of apple recipes over the next few weeks!


Orchard Sept 19

We also picked some raspberries while we were there. I’m not sure I’ve ever picked raspberries before but I really enjoyed it. It forced me to face my fear of bees because they were buzzing all over the bushes!

Orchard Sept 19


I’m super excited that fall officially arrives this week and I think this orchard trip was the perfect way to kick it off. We’ll no doubt be visiting our local orchard within a few weeks to pick up some pumpkins but this weekend Shane just sat among them 🙂


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