This week’s TWD was chosen by Jessica of My Baking Heart: Parisian Apple Tartlet! Jessica must have known how much I love baked apple desserts. Truly – I’d probably choose apple pie or apple crisp over chocolate any day of the week!

This week’s recipe couldn’t have been more simple. There were only 4 ingredients – apple, puff pastry, butter, and brown sugar. Given the simplicity of the recipe, I considered trying to make my own puff pastry for the first time. Then we had a gorgeous weekend and I decided to spend my time outside enjoying the weather instead of hanging out in my kitchen. I do hope to give it a shot soon though!

I threw the tart together on Monday night in just a few minutes time. I added 1 teaspoon of brown sugar on the tartlet at first, but when I checked on it about halfway through baking, I noticed that most of the brown sugar had melted off of the apples and into the tart. I decided to sprinkle a bit more on top in the hope it would cling to the apples and luckily, it worked! I waited until the tartlet cooled just a bit before throwing some vanilla ice cream on a plate with it and gobbling it up. I’ve got just one word for the tartlet – deeeelicious! Definitely one of my favorite Dorie recipes both because of its use of puff pastry and apples and its ease of preparation. I think it’d be a great dessert to serve to company – it looks elegant but yet it’s so simple!

Thanks for an easy, magnificent pick this week Jessica! You can find the recipe for the tartlet on her blog and as always, you can visit the TWD site if you want to see the other tartlets.

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