This week’s TWD was chosen by Whitney of What’s Left on the Table?: caramel crunch bars! To be honest, I’ve flipped through Dorie’s book many, many times, but these bars never captured my attention the way some of her other photos do. That said, they sounded delicious when I read the recipe and I was excited to try them!

Best part about these bars? Definitely how quickly they can be put together and thrown in the oven. That said, the dough is a bit tricky to spread in the bottom of the pan because it’s quite sticky. I stuck my pan in the fridge for a few minutes and that did the trick. I loved how easy it was to spread the chocolate over the base after melting it briefly in the oven. I’ve never used that technique before but I can definitely see myself using it on bar cookies in the future.

Unfortunately, these just weren’t one of my favorite recipes from Dorie. I used bittersweet chocolate and I’m sure that was a big part of the problem. I don’t typically enjoy bittersweet chocolate and I found that the chocolate overwhelmed the other flavors for me. No worries, though – my mom will be taking them into work tomorrow and I have no doubt that they’ll disappear quickly.

Thanks to Whitney for her pick this week! You can find the recipe for these bars on her blog. This recipe was a favorite of many of the TWD bakers so it’s definitely worth a shot! Head over to TWD to check out the other bakers’ bars.

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