This week’s TWD was chosen by Michelle of Bake-En: dimply plum cake! This cake is in the breakfast section of Dorie’s book and while I’m generally a fan of baked fruit, I was a bit skeptical about plums (or any of the other variations Dorie mentions – peaches, nectarines, etc). I guess when I think about baked fruit the things that come to mind are apples or blueberries or bananas, not plums. Perhaps I’m just not very adventurous. Fortunately, being a part of TWD broadens my horizons by forcing me to try recipes I might otherwise just pass by.

I only made one change to this week’s recipe. One of the optional ingredients is cardamom and since I didn’t have any I left it out. Reading some of the other girls’ entries it looks like I could have played around by adding a pinch of cinnamon so perhaps I’ll try that next time. I used the italian prune plums Dorie suggests and couldn’t get over how cute they were. I’ve never noticed them in the grocery store before but I think they were perfect for this cake. I wound up only using 6 instead of the 8 the recipe calls for but after seeing how the cake baked up I definitely could have fit all 8.

This ended up being a really wonderful little cake! I loved the batter…. The brown sugar in the recipe really made it smell and taste wonderful! I definitely would have enjoyed a bit more plum but I really only have myself to blame for that since I did not use all 8 plums. I had my piece when the cake came out of the oven and thought the texture was good, but perhaps a bit crumbly. I’m giving the rest of the cake away today so I’ll be curious to hear how the texture has changed since I made it yesterday.

Check out the recipe at Michelle’s blog and head over to TWD to see how the other cakes turned out!

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