This week’s TWD was chosen by Melissa of It’s Melissa’s Kitchen: chocolate pudding! While I’m not personally a huge fan of chocolate pudding, Shane loves it so I knew he’d be looking forward to this recipe. Plus, I’ve never made pudding from scratch so I welcomed the new experience.

This was one of the easiest recipes we’ve done on TWD. I didn’t start making it until almost 9 last night but it came together so quickly I was glad I didn’t wait until today to make it. I halved the recipe since Shane was the only one who’d be eating the pudding and filled 3 7-oz ramekins. We stuck them in the fridge overnight and this morning Shane tasted the results. He enjoyed it and commented on how sweet and rich the pudding was. I gave it a little taste too and agree with him. I think this is another example of the bittersweet chocolate being too much for me. Next time I make it I’ll try semisweet.

For the pudding recipe, head over to Melissa’s website (her pictures are great too!). And if you still crave more pudding photos, check out the other results at TWD.

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