This week’s TWD, apple cheddar scones, was chosen by Karina of The Floured Apron! I am barely making the Tuesday deadline this week so it’s going to be a short post from me. I must confess that I’ve never made a scone so this week’s recipe was especially interesting for me!

I love that this recipe comes together quickly. Any recipe that doesn’t call for a mixer or food processor makes me happy, especially when I’m trying to bake on a weeknight! The fewer dirty dishes, the better! The only problem I ran into with this dough was when it came time to divide it up into individual scones. The dough is incredibly sticky and I made a mess trying to divide the dough into even sized scones. I wound up with a few very large ones but otherwise everything went well.

I tried one of these scones when they were still warm from the oven, as Dorie suggests that is when they’re at their best. Honestly, I couldn’t taste the apple or cheddar all that much. I’m not sure the flavors were supposed to be that subtle but they definitely were for me. These basically tasted like biscuits – very light and fluffy and yummy! I used fresh apples instead of the dried apples the recipe called for so maybe that accounts for the difference in flavor?

The recipe for these scones can be found over on Karina’s website. Be sure to check out everyones’ scones over at TWD!

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